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An artist must truly enjoy the process and the power of creating original music. With great power comes great responsibility. Our recent find 1LAW takes this seriously.

For his latest single “How I Feel” he puts real life feelings into the track. His raw emotion can be felt in his introspective lyrics. The laid back beat lets the focus be on the fire the 1LAW is spitting. The track checks all the boxes for a must listen.

We caught up with the rising rapper to get a little deeper behind the scenes. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what is the story behind the name 1LAW?

-The name 1Law actually comes from my initials. Logan A. Wesley. The number one just tells people that there is only one of me, a testament to the uniqueness of my sound. 

How would you describe your sound?

-That’s a difficult one. I believe I’m pretty versatile. As of right now I’m still working day in and day out to try and find my exact sound. One thing I can say is no matter the sound or feel of the music, I always make sure that there is a deeper message or bigger picture within the music. I do love songs with great vibes though, just like How I Feel

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

-NF is one artist that has had a huge impact/influence on me. And I’m not saying that I sound anything like NF but he is one of the reasons I make music today. His versatility is something I really try to apply to my music. J.Cole is another artist that has had an enormous impact on me. Again this doesn’t mean I sound like Cole, but I constantly listen to him and he is easily of my favorite artists of all-time. I love the messages that are always embedded within his songs. His punch lines, analogies and pure creativity are just a few of the reasons why he has had such a huge impact on me. 

What drives you to create original music?

-To me, one of the absolute coolest things ever is when you create something and people enjoy it. No matter what that creation may be. With the music I make I have personally seen it affect people in ways I could only imagine. That’s one of the reasons why I do what I do. Another factor that drives me to make original music are the messages in every song. Growing up in a religious family, I feel this is one of the ways I stay connected with my religion. The messages I spread in my music are things I truly believe and they are messages that need to be spread. Lastly a big reason I make original music is for me. I’ve never been great with communication but music allows me the chance to do that on my own terms. Music is how I vent and articulate ideas. Music is how I relax. Music helps with my mental health. Music is a big part of everything I do. 

Tell us about your songwriting process? How does a song come together for you?

-I don’t necessarily have a solid song writing process. Every song comes together differently honestly. Most of the time I speak with a producer/beat maker and I have them put together a custom made beat and then I start writing on it. Other times I will work with a producer and create a beat from scratch and then I will start writing on it. Some other other times I will make a beat and maybe have a producer edit it up. I have had songs where I’ve written the material and then spoke with a producer to get a beat made around the song but that’s a rarity. I normally get the beat first and then start with the words. For songwriting specifically, I have a very strange process actually. The place I feel as though I write best is in a car. So in the middle of the night I will leave the house. I will bring my speaker and some water to the car and I will sit there and write for hours on end. I’m not sure why but I always write my best songs in the car. 

Your track “How I Feel” seems to put it all on the table. What can you tell us about the story within the song?

-So the song is literally about How I Feel. It’s about my feelings on different topics and things that I have experienced in my life. The song covers topics from my health struggles to racism to my feelings about music and what it does for me. The song gives listeners insight to what exactly goes on in my mind, what I think and how I feel about certain topics. Just some everyday things I go through that some listeners may not know about. 

Give us a look at the future for 1LAW.

-Well I have a new song titled “House Arrest” that dropped not long ago. The video has over 6,500 views and currently I’m promoting that one hard. Looking further down the line I have another song and video coming out in September titled “Legacy”, so please when it drops take a look. And to look even further into the future, my very first EP is about 50% done so follow me for updates on that and anything else you want to know about me. Thanks for your time. 

Keep up with more from 1LAW on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1law_music/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1law_music

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