IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Alien Sees

Alien Sees

There are other life forms out there. It is a giant universe. Let’s face reality. Our new friends Alien Sees decided to use their pandemic quarantine time to collaborate and create some Alien Rock to welcome the mysteries to our world.

We caught up with the duo of the Alien Sees Project. ILLY on Synth/Keyboard/Guitar/Bass/Fx and SQUATCHILLA on Drums/Percussions/Fx. We dive deep into the music and space. Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us about the name Alien Sees? 

SQ – Our name derives from the love and consciousness we both have for the very possible existence of Alien life. They see everything, especially while we’re recording our magic. 
IL – I’d also add – love to all mysteries in the world such as: Bigfoots, Ghosts, Native Horror stories, etc.. But, yeah – “aliens exist” is our main statement. 

How would you describe your unique sound? 

SQ – Picture a very large UFO crashing into an asteroid and it creates this HUGE new bang! On a serious note I describe it as outerspace electronica/rock music with a chill vibe and the ambience of unknown sounds of the universe. 
IL – What Squatch said haha. Just imagine Progrock + Progambient + Universe vibes… And our love. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you? 

SQ – Both Illy and I always go with this because we agree strongly with what our non ear waxed ears think- The bands Rush, Pink Floyd, and The Gorillaz. We’ve also got many other band influences from our fans we tend to match up with. Use your imagination and tell us.
IL – Yes, we are baby of of those 3 bands. If they would have musical threesome together and had a baby – it’ll be us. Gorgeous and open minded baby.

Tell us about how Alien Sees came together in such an interesting time? 

SQ – Well, during the start of the plandemic of 2020 we decided since we’re not allowed to hang out or be 2 feet from each other for the time being, let’s start a side music recording project. More like the “Quarantine Project” It was one of the best musical decisions we’ve made. 
IL – F××k quarantine… Just had to say that!

What is your songwriting process? 

SQ – I will be sent music from Illy the main composer of this project. He sends it with a click track over top. 
I graciously sit down on my Roland electronic drum kit and record dream music for the world to experience. 
IL – And I’ll send his drums back saying – they sound like Alien poop, but than I’ll just use them anyway.
Process is simple: positive mood, chill atmosphere around you and lots and lots of synths…. pads…. keys… guitae….fx….. love it!!!

How do you hope to connect emotionally with the listeners of your music? 

SQ – Connected consciousness. Open your minds, free your spirit, and know you’ll do just fine in meditation while listening.
IL – John Lennon couldn’t of said it any better than Squatch. 

Share some advice for other artists looking to create something different? 

SQ – Don’t be simple. Simple is boring. Listen to your favorite artists and try to think about how they created music. Check their story and even look into how they evolved with being experimental. 
IL – Stop using samples – create your own sounds and melodies.

What does the future hold for Alien Sees? 

SQ – Lots and lots of amazing music to come. We’re extremely proud of what we have created. I do believe someone and or some company will notice us and will want our music to be in the background of a video game or movie soundtrack. It’s quality stuff and damn well produced.
IL – Flight to Mars and Space Odyssey. 

P.S. You don’t have to be high to listen our music. Stay Alien!

But hey it wouldn’t hurt. lol. Keep up with Alien Sees all over the multiverse HERE.

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