Travis Cole Says It’s “You And Me”

Independent musician and songwriter Travis Cole’s new single “You and Me” is one of the year’s best pop singles. The balance is changing, Cole has worked hard in the past, placing other artists in a position to succeed but, after relocating to Colorado from Texas, Cole’s focus increasingly turned towards writing, recording, and releasing his own music.There’s an undeniably personal quality about this song. 

It is accessible, and there’s no question of that, yet it also has an insular character and sound. This curious mix of the introspective and outgoing achieved by Travis Cole is one of several elements distinguishing it from cookie-cutter genre music. Vocal lends itself to an autobiographical interpretation of the lyrics but enjoying the song doesn’t demand you hear the words that way.

Listen to “You and Me” below

“You and Me” reaches the biggest possible audience rather than cater to a niche and its embrace of modern pop sounds improves its chances. Vocals and the music work together, and there’s a strong melodic presence through the track despite its electronic nature.

Cole’s independent status does not impede releasing a high-quality production. “You and Me” has more than enough polish to stand toe to toe with arguably higher-profile releases. Its upbeat demeanor will be welcome for many listeners after eighteen plus months of near-relentless bad news. Plagues ravage the land, but love continues. The story of life never ends.

Travis Cole’s “You and Me” is another chapter in that tale. This is the sound of a songwriter, performer, and musician more than capable of embodying timeless sentiments in his art. That’s a rare gift in any era but stands out in 2021 more than ever before. We need reminding that there’s still ample beauty in life. His music is connected to that spirit, and eager to share it with listeners.

Cole is one of those unique souls who lives and breathes music, as cliché as it may sound, from his musical efforts, supporting others, and collaborating with an assortment of talented individuals. He has a superb sense of what his music needs and how to get there. “You and Me” is a thoroughly satisfying single that should bring Cole’s name to greater renown than ever before without ever compromising his artistic approach. His individuality comes through.

-review by Matthew Rowe 

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