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Caeser Osiris

Music can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Songs with a message will always create an impact. Our recent find Caesar Osiris is one with the music and art that he creates. We had the chance to chat with him as he releases his latest music video with meaning, “Más Allá”. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, what made you decide to go with the moniker Caesar Osiris?

-Caesar Osiris is my given name, is also my father’s name. 


You are much more than a musician. What draws you to all the arts?

-Through the language of the arts, you can have an impact on someone’s life, the arts can help heal this world and make it a better place. 


How would you describe your music?

This might sound silly but my music is not mine, I feel my music exist by itself and takes over me every time I am ready, and I become this expression of music. I respect the music so much, and I believe the frequencies of sound are so powerful that they can change the frequency of a person. To me, music is about joy, creation, celebration, union, empowerment and good times dancing all night long. 


Which artists have been your biggest influences?

Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, Gustavo Cerati, Freddie Mercury, Charlie Chaplin, Stanley Kubrick, Grace Jones, Prince, David Bowie, and so many other artists I find so fascinating in music and films. 



Your newest single, and music video, “Más Allá” is quite exotic. Where did those ideas come from?

I wanted to address the plastic pollution our oceans are facing right now and wanted to honor our oceans. That became the inspiration for “Más Allá”, an Ode to the Oceans. 


What do you hope listeners will take away from the song?
-That they can be inspired to think for a moment about their plastic consumption and take action to protect our oceans while grooving and having fun. 


Give us some advice to share with other artists trying to make a difference with their music?
-I feel our generation is living a very interesting time in recent history, and now more than ever music should lead the way with purpose, wisdom with rhythms that speak with hope to the challenges we are facing on Earth.


What is next on the horizon for Caesar Osiris?
-I have more music in the making and getting ready to release other new songs, while also working on an environmental documentary and my debut feature film as director among other projects. I love to stay busy working on all these things I love to do. 


Keep up with Ceaser Osiris at https://www.caesarosiris.com

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