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ET Boys

there will always be a connection between siblings. Especially in music. Sometimes this turns ugly (*see Oasis) but other times the link can create great things. Our recent discovery ET Boys were apart when they first started making music together but now are pushing forward and opening up some big possibilities.

We had a chance to chat with the boys and get a little deeper look into their music and connection. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name ET Boys?

I’m all for letting people create their own meaning to art they find special. I guess the true origin story of our name comes from our dad. He’s from Spain and didn’t always speak the best English so when we were young rowdy boys he would scream at us saying, “cmon stop being ETs.” Just a nicer way of saying idiots. 

Describe your sound without any of the lame mainstream descriptions?

This is a tough question to answer as I find myself still wondering how to describe our music. Each song takes its own form and can probably fit under multiple genres. I think after you give us a listen regardless of the song you’d be able to tell that our music is just “pure ET.”

How did the two of you hook up to create ET Boys?

Well we are brothers. Haha we’ve been musicians all our life, me being a guitarist while my brother is a drummer and classical pianist. I was in college at the time losing my mind studying daily and would often freestyle to beats just for fun and a way to stop stressing/ thinking. I eventually recorded one on my boy’s macbook and sent my brother the file. It was ass but he saw the potential to create the sounds we create today. My brother sent me his first beat the next week and here we are today.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on ET Boys?

I think we both take inspiration from so many artists that we grew up with. For me I’d say bands like blink-182, Weezer, Linkin park, and System of a Down. Artists like the retired FL rapper Wintertime, ColdHart, and even South Park Mexican. Growing up, all my brother would ever play was Lil Wayne so I know for sure he’s on his list. Also the EDM/Trance artists of the 2010’s as he was/ is big into the fitness scene of the time. RIP Zyzz. 

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for the group?

It all starts with whatever my brother creates. He’s a genius when it comes to sounds, each creation sounding different than the last. All I really do is create melodies to each beat/ project then write words to said melodies. Nothing special hahah.

Check out the Forever Night album by ET Boys here:

Tell us about your debut album Forever Night?

Forever Night I would call a time capsule of my early 20’s despite me still being in my early 20’s hahaha. It’s an early collection of songs meant to try to capture the feeling of Forever Night. What is Forever Night? Well, the name comes from an old youtube sketch comedy show that me and my brother would watch religiously. But in terms of meaning, again, it really is down to you. I know the feeling of Forever Night far too well but why should that hinder your own free thinking.

Share some advice for other artists creating unique new sounds?

My one piece of advice would be to stop overthinking. Creating something new should not be done for others approval but for yourself. If you think something sounds cool then boom create that sound. The truth is the world is filled with followers. It is the same people that reject you that try to embrace you when that same idea/ creation is accepted by the masses. Be different.

What does the future hold for ET Boys?

Just to create new tunes and reach new people. 🙂

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