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Janis Philosophy Shows Us They Are ‘Dedicated To’

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Stockholm, Sweden, Alt-Rock quartet Janis Philosophy hit the ground running in 1999. Since that time the band has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted group with their own signature sound and stylization that has captivated many fans and music listeners over time.   Known for a very dynamic and

The Blackmail Seduction Gives Us Volume II

“Dead Girl” opens the second self-titled album by The Blackmail Seduction with a big, cinematic number and arrayed guitars thanks to chief songwriter Jess McClellan and lead guitarist Troy Hardy. There’s no single showcase moment for the guitars and the way they are spread out throughout the song makes more of an impact than any guitar

Kawehi’s ‘Eve: A Sci-Fi Visual Album’

Kawehi is unbelievably talented. She’s a very free-thinking artist and has opened our eyes to an amazing art form that many have likely never come across. She plays multiple instruments and sings not just passionately but confidently. It’s obvious that she truly believes in the music she makes and wants her fans to as well.