Janis Philosophy Shows Us They Are ‘Dedicated To’

Janis Philosophy

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Stockholm, Sweden, Alt-Rock quartet Janis Philosophy hit the ground running in 1999. Since that time the band has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted group with their own signature sound and stylization that has captivated many fans and music listeners over time.


Known for a very dynamic and progressive style, their music touches on many defining elements that combine equal parts originality and familiarity. With soaring vocal melodies, a pounding rhythm section, and tight knit musicianship each member’s artistic merit is highlighted. Janis Philosophy delves into a chemistry of intelligently crafted songs and catchiness with every riff and measure the band collectively writes.


The band’s latest single “Dedicated To” touches on the profound effects of drug addiction and the loss of close friends and loved ones. “Dedicated To” is a breathtakingly delicate single – one that takes a softer, more intimate approach to expression and holds you captivated with every line.

The song is heartbreaking in its telling of the story within, the opening lines alone create a certain mood – powerfully ignited by a notably honest and endearing leading vocal delivery. The question ‘do you even care’ rings loud and clear due to its placement and everything that surrounds it.

The song does perhaps take a couple of listens to fully grasp the whole concept by Janis Philosophy. The music from the offset has a familiar feel, the acoustic guitar part seems fit to accompanying Knocking on Heaven’s Door, as the vocals emerge though the mood is redirected – the third person story-telling and the personality detectable in that voice lean in the direction of something much more Elbow-like.
The lyrics to this song are crucial but this would be somewhat ineffective if there wasn’t such a clear connection between the singer and what he’s singing. As the song builds, skillfully utilising structure to let the passion rise, the vocal delivery supports and enhances each moment with unwavering ability. The emotional depth is blatant in the tone – whether it’s these gentler, tired moments, or the bolder, louder ones at the height of the musicianship – the singer has the moment covered. It feels real, and this is why it’s so heartbreaking to listen to. The picture is being painted in front of you, as opposed to you being merely shown a photograph of it. It feels real and in the moment, and the details that emerge as the ambiance progresses add so much in the way of keeping that poignancy and strength alive until the very end. The more times you listen, the more securely the pieces fit together and personally speak with you.
Keep an ear out for more from Janis Philosophy soon and find more music from their label Alternative Alliance HERE.

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