J. ASADI Shows That The “Sky’s the Limit”


J. Asadi is an emerging hip-hop artist who already exhibits the power and presence of the genre’s biggest names. He spits lyrics that are direct, unflinching, and honest. His bars fully embrace each win and loss he has taken in his life and music career.


His latest single, “Sky’s the Limit,” is a grinding street anthem and call to action that will motivate anyone within earshot. Asadi is a gritty realist and lays out his mindset here with a skilled, confident delivery that is all tone, taste, and attitude. His influences include 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Geto Boys, and 50 Cent but he is clearly his own man when it comes to songwriting. The track is easily one of the best independent releases of 2018.



Taken from Asadi’s brand new EP Lazarus Experiment, the single is just one of the head-turning tracks on the set. It’s rare to see an artist come out blazing like this but Asadi is starting at a higher place than most performers ever reach. His style is fully developed and mature, letting him communicate to his crowd as he sees fit with none of the messages getting lost. Tracks like “Never Fall” articulate the space between sin and salvation and display the tough-minded philosophy needed to get through the ups and downs of today’s world. Other highlights include the almost-heavy-metal “Keep Rollin’ (Dark Mafia Anthem)” and the deeply personal “Undefeated (Holy War).”


J. Asadi gives every indication of being THAT guy, that artist who stands tall above his competition just by being himself. His voice is perfectly suited to his sound and he has written one of the finest indie hip-hop records of recent times. Every year brings more contenders trying to get to rap’s top spots but J. Asadi has come out large with Lazarus Experiment and stands a better chance than most of hitting that goal. Fine work. Highly recommended.


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     –Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com


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