Infinite State Provides A Journey on ‘As Above, So Below’

Infinite State

Music has always been an answer to so many of life’s problems. Listening to it always has its perks but creating your own music has positive effects in so many areas. Making music has been called therapeutic quite often. It seems our recent find, the Infinite State project is a perfect example of this.


The innovative musical project is the brainchild of Kenneth Reitz. During the day, Kenneth is a software engineer pretty well known for some of his open source projects. He uses Infinite State to make electronic music to calm down his brain. He has been diagnosed with a schizo-affective disorder that is soothed by the music he makes.


On October 25th, 2018, Infinite State released As Above, So Below. The 21 track album is an attempt by Kenneth Reitz to paint a picture of the chaos living inside his mind. We can all appreciate that.


The opener “Synchronicities” start us off with a mellow atmospheric tone that builds with an electro melody and a slew of vocal samples that provide imagery to go along with the sounds. We are in for a fully immersive listen here. There is a darker and more disturbing vibe on “Answer Me”. A more industrial sound is introduced that leans toward the dark side. The use of vocal samples breaks this up with moments of hope to escape from the chasm we are all in.



We move to the dancefloor with “Song”. The dark energy is still there but it pairs with sped up beats that instill a state of movement within the body of the listener. Even just sitting here at my desk I find my head bopping to the beat feverishly. Although slightly slower, “Ghosts” continues this energy. A pretty piano melody is added in to ease the mind as it approaches insanity.


There is a mini-album tucked inside As Above, So Below in the name of “Matrixbrute”. We get sections 1, 3, and 4 as a journey through the exotic. Sounds seem to come from all angles to fill every inch of the sonic tapestry. The switch-ups are just enough to keep us connected to the real world.


As we reach the perfectly titled closer “Exhale” we are given the chance to choose our own path among the multitude of melodies and sounds building throughout the song. Each one has its own space but also connects to the grand picture that is Infinite State. The full record should be taken in as one complete experience. Give yourself plenty of time though to allow for no interuptions. Your mind will be in another place.


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