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Pale Mara Make Themselves Known With New Album

Glistening pianos and emotionally cratering harmonies rising from the ethers. Acoustic guitars that seem to howl out for someone to hear their desperate cry of love. Dreams translated into sonically sophisticated ballads. Serenading that lingers in our minds even after the disc has stopped spinning and the band has ceased to play. “Bird,” “Only Image,”

Toni Castells Provides A Neo-Classical Journey To 2045

As beautiful and creative as classical music is it is often an afterthought of the music community. People take classical training and then veer in totally separate directions creating music that lacks the sustainable beauty that the classical genre has given them. Our friend Toni Castells, whose music we covered some years ago HERE, is

Daniel Lanois Says Goodbye To Language

One of the greatest feats of the human species was the development of language. We’ve created layers and layers of it — from symbols and pictures that can stand for ideas, to symbols that are put together to create words that stand for ideas. Arguably an even greater feat of humans was our development of communication