IBG Interview – 8 Questions with Damon Moreno of Get-Gigs

Get Gigs

There are many great companies out there helping independent artists navigate their path in this difficult industry. Securing good gigs has always been one of the hardest parts of being a successful band. Get-Gigs is a company trying to streamline that process and make it simpler.

We had a chance to chat with the Get-Gigs founder Damon Moreno to dig a little behind the scenes and find out what the company is all about. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, how were you able to get such a great website name in Get-Gigs.com?

In the end, we wanted a name that spoke very clearly as to what Get-Gigs is all about, and that is…Getting gigs!

That is the entire focus of the community!  Simplifying the gig booking process for independent artists and hosts.

In as simple a way as possible, describe what Get-Gigs does?

Get-Gigs, at it’s core, is a filterable feed of currently available gigs! 

What was the motivation to start up the company?

Well, I, Damon Moreno, am a lifelong musician that had toured the US and played the Midwest & West coast circuits extensively for years with my guitarist brother Thor. And I have been running The Inner Light Agency artist management, and booking firm, full time for the past 15 years. We’ve had many successes with our artists and are always looking for solutions to help streamline the processes needed for appreciable growth.

One of the large & ongoing challenges over the years has been helping the artists & bands break into new cities and secure solid gigs outside of their hometown markets.  So I pulled a small & talented team together, and we built get-gigs.com. 

My business partner & technical developer Chris Potter has been truly invaluable with his ability to help develop and bring my vision to life. Its been an incredibly heavy lift, and I owe Chris a debt of gratitude that I can never repay for everything he has done to help me push this forward.   Much like my artist management work, to me, my successes are far more about the talented artists and creative team around me than my actual contributions in the end. I’m incredibly grateful & inspired! 

Can you describe the basic process of how a band would go about getting booked through Get-Gigs?

Artists create a free profile, then they can filter all the posted gigs, and swap gigs with artists in different cities and request the available gigs posted by hosts and venues. Its all built to be incredibly easy to secure gigs and expand your professional network.

Get Gigs

There seems to be a real community aspect of Get-Gigs. How has that developed?

Yes, a strong sense of community was one of the priority goals with Get-Gigs. We wanted a booking-specific space where musicians & hosts co-exist and build cooperative and ongoing relationships. The show swapping element has been a key factor in the community aspect. The mutually beneficial exchange of trading shows & booking infoputs the focus back into helping each other and seeing everyone benefit and grow. One of the sites motos is:  “We will help book you here if you help book us there

How has the response been from the venue and booking agent side?

Its been excellent. We are seeing so  many awesome venues and hosts come onboard. The general feedback is that they really love having a centralized hub for booking. They post their available gigs or a general post inviting artists to reach out, then when an artist requests the gig, they can review their profile, message with the artist, and initiate an auto-generated booking agreement based on their discussion.   It’s quick and easy.

What does the future hold for Get-Gigs?

Our goal is very simple, to continue to provide as much value as possible, and that is in the form of the filterable feed of currently available gigs, and easy to use features. We have no interest in being the biggest or competing with other corporate style booking sites. Our approach is much different and that is why Get-Gigs continues to grow.

Our goal is reducing booking friction, empowering artists, and providing a space where artists and hosts can take immediate booking action, not just sign up and wait to be contacted.  This is a full time effort with all hands on deck. The site is growing dailyand we anticipate continual growth so we will just stay in and keep developing the community and features as long as there is interest and traffic!  We are very pleased with the growth and help we are providing and are very excited to see where it goes!  

If you need more Gigs or are interested in hosting Gigs go to Get-Gigs.com immediately!

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