IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… LUV Cleo

LUV Cleo

An artist pouring his heart and soul into his songs will never grow old. A fan can tell when an artist is being genuine and will be attracted to that. Our recent find LUV Cleo is one such artist.

We had the chance to chat with the melodic hip-hop artist for a deeper look. Enjoy the interview:

First off, what is the story behind the name LUV Cleo?

The name Cleo means pride and that’s something I think is very important and LUV means Life Under Vanity and vanity means pride as well. Together it’s LUV Cleo which is also a play on words. It is like my signature (for ex LUV, Cleo or sincerely, Cleo)

What draws you to create music?

What draws me to make music is the fact that I just like doing it. It is very therapeutic for me and it is a way to express my emotions as well as make music that people enjoy, which I love

How would you describe your sound?

I have a very melodic sound. I try my best and feel like I have my own sound. I want people to sing along.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Juice WRLD 100%. He was and still is my favorite artist

We hear you put all your songs together on your own. Tell us about your songwriting process?

I just sit down in my chair think and put the pen to paper. Once I find my flow with a song its a continuous process

What do you hope to share with the listener through your music?

I want to share my perspective and I want people to be able to relate to that perspective. A lot of my songs have to do with situations that I’ve dealt with, and that others have dealt with, in real life and I think that’s what makes my music so relatable, especially to kids my age. Real 16 year old problems that many older people face as well.

Share some advice you have picked up about making music on your own?

Don’t force anything. My best and most popular songs in my opinion have been written by accident. At first I didn’t like them but the more I listened and perfected the song the more I liked it.

Where do you see LUV Cleo going in 2021?

I see LUV Cleo getting way more publicity in 2021. I see LUV Cleo getting a much bigger fanbase. And most of all I see LUV Cleo getting way better at his craft than he already is.

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