IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Mikey Hamptons & The Meows

Mikey Hamptons

Some of us were given the gift of music. It seems to come easier to us but this also comes with the curse that we need to take the time to create it and release it to the world. Our recent find Mikey Hamptons & The Meows has taken this challenge and does all he can to share his gift.

We had a chance to chat with the songwriter and get a little deeper into who he is and his music. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, we know who Mikey Hamptons is but how did the Meows come to be?

Honestly … I LOVE cats …4 of the 5 that I own are rescues, and I have a colony up the street from where I live that I have had “fixed” and I feed everyday, rain or shine. These cats are part of my life and I am committed to caring for them.

How would you describe your sound?

The sound on this record  I would describe as a cross between Ozzy Osbourne, and Fuel … also you can hear Enuff Z’Nuff there, as well as the Beatles!

Which bands have had the biggest influence on you?

By FAR The Beatles are my biggest influence … It’s amazing how after 50 plus years since their break-up, their music still gains attention and new fans with each passing year. The whole British Invasion thing really was VERY HUGE for me. The Who, Rolling Stones, Hollies …etc. Big influences. I also grew up on Badfinger, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, Four Seasons, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Todd Rundgren, and The Raspberries to name a few!  

Genesis (Peter Gabriel years) was another major influence for me as well as Nektar and Yes. These were some of the Progressive Rock bands from the 70’s.

I also dug The Baby’s and later solo John Waite in the 80’s with The Cars,Tom Petty  & The Heartbreakers … Stevie Nicks was another HUGE influence at that time.

 In the 90’s I dug Oasis, Green Day, Enter the 2000’s It was Lifehouse, Weezer, Staind and Fuel …to name several.

What draws you to create original music?

I have the gift of melody and have a NEED to create, otherwise I go crazy. I have to “give birth” to creations otherwise I get depressed. It is an outlet for me that is my very breath of life.

How does a song come together for the band? What is your songwriting process?

I write all the songs myself … There really isn’t a “band” per se … I have my guys that help me record, but it’s all my songs that we do. For me the process is simple … I play my acoustic or electric guitar and mumble melodies that come to me, onto a recorder … Later, I go back to the recordings and write the words and set up the order of verse, build, chorus, break …etc

What do you hope that the listener takes away from a Mikey Hampton & The Meows song?

I would hope the listener comes away with “inspiration” for their lives, and a longing for something “more” to their existence, whether that’s love, relationships, God …or just the thrill to be alive.

Share some advice for other bands ‘Ready To Rock Now’?

You have to have the “gift” … If you do …keep writing, keep recording and keep playing live if that’s what you are doing. Take one day at a time …and BELIEVE in yourself…then things seem to fall into place. But they won’t if you quit or live in doubt or fear. 

Promote your music, and wait for the opportunities to come …they will.

What does the future hold for Mikey Hamptons & The Meows?

For me it’s recording, recording and recording … I have tons of music I have written over the years and am just getting it all together in the studio. Besides another Meows record on the horizon, I also have a Christian album coming out this Spring …just Mikey Hamptons no Meows LOL … I play at a local Lutheran Church up the street every Wednesday and Saturday evenings, doing one of my songs and helping them out with the music. I really love it.

Thank you for this time and letting me share with you!

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