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Creating music is always about being yourself and doing what you feel is right. Our latest find N.S seems to truly get that. We had a chance to chat with him as he just released his debut album Noble Savage. Enjoy the look behind the scenes here:

First off, gives us the background behind the moniker N.S? That isn’t your initials right?

N.S stands for Noble Savage, it’s a combination of a name that came up when I typed in my given name (Carlos Ruelas) into the Wu Tang name generator & my own AKA as to what my sound is & my story.

How would you describe your sound?

Different, I like to mix a lil of everything into it I don’t have just one sound I can say. My taste varies depending on what vibe I want the record to produce.

I can say for production I do prefer a more dry sound & harder hitting drums.

What first drew you to a life of creating music?

Hearing it, the way sound can take you from feeling one thing at one moment to being in a whole other headspace.it’s truly beautiful.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

I can’t say I’ve ever had influences, but many have inspired me, to create & also to always give the real me in my music. Some names, Jay-z 

Tell us about the newest release ‘Noble Savage’ 

It’s my first official album on major streaming retailers, I wanted a classic vibe but with a new twist to it as well..it’s really straight forward & tells some of what I’ve had the blessing to live in this life, from pain to joy, betrayal & love.it’s all there.it’s life & that’s what I intend to express on every record.

What do you hope a listener takes away from a track by N.S?

That they feel it & it can touch them in some way, whatever that way be it to them.

Give us some advice for other artists in the game?

Stay true to you, your real thought’s & what they can give to the feel of the music are the music.

What does the future hold for N.S?

Progress, out do this release, get on the road do some shows & share my sound with the world.anything more then that, I’d be thankful to god for, as well as for that.

Follow more from N.S on his INSTAGRAM.

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