IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… PaperFace


With so much music out there nowadays and so many artists creating it, one needs to stand out. That doesn’t always mean being a flashy frontman. The music can speak for itself. Our recent find PaperFace is doing just that with his own unique music.

We had the chance to have a chat with the innovative artist and get a little deeper look behind the scenes. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what is up with the name PaperFace?

I wanted to have a simple character, one that doesn’t draw too much attention. That’s where I thought of a box. It is simple and was perfect for what I was going for. A box is paper, and it was going to be on my face. So then I just thought, PaperFace. 

And why do you choose to stay behind the mask?

I choose to stay behind the mask because I want the listener to be more focused on the music they are hearing rather than who they are looking at. The reason PaperFace doesn’t have a mouth is because I want the music to speak, not PaperFace himself.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound more as an electro pop style with orchestral elements. I always like to incorporate real instrument sounds in my records.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

The biggest artists that had the most influence on me are probably Martin Garrix and Avicii. I feel like they are great at telling stories through their music and that is exactly what I am trying to do. Impact the listener. 

Tell us about your partnership with Game Day Records?

GameDay Records is a label that my manager and I run. We are currently in the process of expanding it to where we can have other artists on the label besides me. 

What is your release strategy in the coming year?

I have a lot planned for 2020. I will be experimenting with different genres, and I have a ton of new collaborations already in the works. Some solo records and possibly even an album by the end of the year. I will just have to see where music and life takes me.

Share some advice for aspiring DJs and producers?

All I can say is to work on your craft and if you have a passion, pursue it! You won’t get any where by giving up. Things take time and tons and tons of work. Especially in the music industry. Make connections and be the best you can be. I believe that is the key to succeeding in this business. 

What does the future hold for Paper Face?

The future will hopefully hold some live shows, even more collaborations, and releases on bigger labels. I feel confident that the PaperFace brand will grow a lot over the coming years and am exited to see what happens!

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