IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Shaney Poo

Shaney Poo

Being a musician is about developing your sound over time. Never remain stuck in one style. Be open to inspiration and experiment until you create music you are happy to share with the world. Our recent find Shaney Poo is willing to put it all on the line for his art.

We caught up with the smooth crooner to get a little deeper into his mindset. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what is the story behind the name Shaney Poo?

It’s a childhood nickname my family gave me. My real name is Shane and for some reason they thought it was cute to call me Shaney Poo, to this day they still call that. Also that name makes people do two things when they hear it, either they laugh at it or they make a weird face like wtf? Either way it’s a name thats hard to forget. The name also reminds me to remain humble and pure like my childhood.  

How would you describe your sound?

I wouldn’t describe it.  I don’t commit to just one sound. I think its boring to make only one type of music. 

As humans we’re supposed to grow and evolve,  I take pride in being able to expand and discover new aspects. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Every artist. 

What drives you to create original music?

I just want to be able to contribute to the bigger picture. If artist don’t embrace originality then everything will remain stagnant and flat. You gotta be the seasoning on the chicken sometimes.  For me it comes from my background, the songs I grew up listening to and also from my first love of visual art. 

How does a song come together for you? What is the songwriting process?

There is no real process, it’s really random. Sometimes I’ll just get an idea and I’ll record it on my phone or sometimes I’ll be in the studio playing sounds that’ll lead to an idea.  Everything is random, sometimes a song will take 10 minutes and others will take 3 months or longer. 

What message do you hope the listener takes away from a Shaney Poo song?

It’s not that each song I make has a unique message, it’s the fact that when you step back and look at everything some might ask, “How is he able to keep on creating?”  I want listeners to walk away with a sense of fearlessness and drive to keep doing what you love, even when things are stacked up against you.  I want people to be comfortable with who they are and not be pressured to be something they’re not. 

Give us some advice for other artists trying to build a career with a unique sound?

Get in tuned with your self first. Get a grasp of who you are inside. The more you learn about yourself the more natural everything will come to you. The best artist are individuals, they create from their own perspective. It’s difficult to have a perspective without knowing who you are.  Also, trust yourself, you need to believe in yourself 100%. 

What does the future hold for Shaney Poo?

More music, touring, bigger opportunities, hopefully more acting in films. I also have a deep passion for storytelling and animation so given the right resources I want to expound on that as well. Outside of music I just really want to happy and not look back with regret. 

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