Mia Berg’s Talent Shines Through in Latest Ethereal Release, “You Decided”

Mia Berg

Hidden from the world until recently, Norwegian singer-songwriter Mia Berg has stepped out from behind the curtain to share her passion for music with the rest of the world. Infusing dream and synth-pop vibes with chillwave beats, Mia first went public with her talent in 2018 and has released three singles since. Her latest song, “You Decided”, came out on August 16th and has already racked up over three thousand streams on Spotify alone.

Though her undeniably natural talent has caught the attention of listeners worldwide, Mia’s belief in the personal nature of her music led her to refrain from publication until recently. This intimate connection between Mia and her music is reflected in the genuine nature of her songs which draws listeners into the Nordic environment from which she derives a great deal of inspiration.

Embracing Inspiration and Inner Talent

Using her personal relationships as another creative drawing point, “You Decided” invites listeners to feel and relate to the struggle of coping with failed relationships. Mia states that the song “is about a broken relationship where the other person refuses to see their own faults and wrongdoings”—a concept that surely everyone can empathize with. Though the lyrics discuss morose matters, the soundscape provides an upbeat layering and bubbly texture to give the song an air of playful positivity.

The ethereal nature of “You Decided” is a captivating characteristic found in Mia’s previous two releases as well, standing as a keystone in defining her artistic style. Influenced by artists such as Bon Iver and Solange, the powerfully feminine vocals may also remind listeners of fellow Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA through their shared affinity for the whimsical nuances of electro-pop.

Since going public as an artist, Mia has continued to develop her style by bringing each new single to the stage in a number of live performances. Appearing in Oslo for festivals such as Øyafestivalen and by:Larm, Mia has managed to woo crowds of all shapes and sizes which stands as an impressive testament to her talent. As Mia’s first single, “Hurry”, nears its one year anniversary from release, big plans look to be in store for this rising pop sensation which will include the debut of her first EP in September. The personal connection Mia shares with her music is bound to bear a prominent reflection across the EP and intertwine delicately with the rhythm of soft synth. If her previous singles are any indication of the EP’s upcoming success, Mia’s name will soon be known from Norway to North America as never before. This is only the beginning for Mia Berg and with such an auspicious start to her career, there can only be forward progress from here.

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