IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Zack Kirkorian

Zack Kirkorian

Keeping busy in this constantly changing music industry is quite the feat. Literally surviving is an accomplishment all its own in some circles. The story of Zack Kirkorian is quite the interesting one. Now he is back with a new record to show what years of musical influences can produce. We sat down with him to try to gain an insight into his exotic mind. Enjoy the interview below:


What first drew you to creating music?

I’ve been creating music since I was an infant and continue to this day. What a lot of people don’t know unless you see my show is that I was born disabled in my lower extremities and don’t have the control over my legs that most people have. So, I never really got into sports and in a lot of ways music is my shelter and in a lot of ways, it’s my breath.


You had some experiences on the Sunset Strip of the 1980’s. How did you survive that crazy time?

 I survived by doing a lot of drugs so I got through it. I’m kidding that was a great time the Sunset Strip was packed with Aqua Net laden music fans. I got the chance to play all the great clubs, see all the up and coming artists as well as assume the role of keyboardist for Columbia Recording Artists, Warrant for a short time early in their career.


Your new music is unique, to say the least, how would you describe the Zack Kirkorian sound?

Well, thank you for describing my music as unique that tells me you are listening. I don’t set out to be unique I just write what I would like to hear on the radio. It’s very difficult for me to categorize my efforts I would rather leave that up to you and the media but let’s say Frank Zappa meets David Bowie. I always love rock guitars over funky beats, that with a full dose of silliness, and you got Zack. I don’t try to be commercial and don’t really care I just like stacking sounds and hit on subject matters that not a lot of people touch on


How does a song develop for you? Tell us about the songwriting process.

My songwriting starts with a hook or something that catches my attention could be musical, could be rhythmic, a vocal hook, just something that excites me and stands on its own without any support. I then scat vowel sounds turn the sounds into words and just work, work, and work. I constantly log ideas. I got shoeboxes full of lyrics and concepts. Nowadays I just use my phone


Tell us about the new album Exercise In Stupidity. Is it just a clever name or is there a story behind it?

Again, an idea years old but I knew it had to be the name for my record in a world to serious. I do take my music serious but I’ll leave World Peace up to Bono


Describe that album cover too?

Oh you noticed the cover. It’s from a collection of a local artist/celebrity/author/free spirit Ginadoll Garrett. I caught a lot of flak when I sent out sample covers to my friends but in every case it prompted a reaction. I felt it’s OK if you don’t like it. It’s better than being ignored


What is next for Zack Kirkorian?

Rehearsal for up and coming festivals, as well as a computer upgrade in prep for 2018 release. I’m also working with video producers to add visuals to this sonic experience.  


What advice would you give to other artists in this new music industry?

If music is your savior as it is mine then you just play. If you call yourself an artist then have something to share. Study music theory, take some classes at your local community college it will give you ideas and train your ear. The business part of it can be frustrating but music brings me joy. As a business reach out, embrace every opportunity. Pay to play, till they pay you

I really appreciate your time it is very important as an artist to get people to listen. Not everybody will like it, but those that do are cherished

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