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Music lives inside certain individuals. It is just bubbling inside waiting to get out. The power of the artist is finding a way to release that music into the world. Our recent find Zaé has proven to have this power.

We caught up with the talented songwriter to get a deeper look into how it all comes together for him. Enjoy the interview:

First off, who is Zaé?

Who is Zaé… I often ask myself this question. When it comes down to it, I can say I don’t have a clue who Zaé is. To me Zaé is something I strive to come to realization with. It is that desire to know oneself fully and without boundaries. To me, identifying with any one thing is limiting, so Zaé is the desire to become boundless.

How would you describe your sound?

I like to describe my sound as ominous with a hint of melancholy. I like adding the duality of dark and light within my music. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

The Beatles are my favorite band. If you listen to some of their later albums it is often hard to pin down exactly what they’re singing about and this is exactly how I write. My lyrics are elusive to a certain point but also have humor in them. That is where Wiz Khalifa comes in. I went through a stoner period for a while and who do you listen to when you’re a stoner? Wiz. His lyrics were always up beat and fun and I like to incorporate that into a lot of my music. Lastly is Jason Mraz. It is how Jason Mraz is that made me gravitate towards him. He is full of life and the sounds that he exudes can only come from one that is truly beautiful on the inside.

What is it that drives Zaé to create music? 

I have an obsession to express myself and I feel that I can achieve this through music. I also feel responsible for the next generation of this world. If I can give myself to the youth and create a space for them to thrive, then I’ll do all I can. 

Where do you get inspiration?

I don’t get inspired. I think when you get inspired that means that something from outside of you pushes you to do something. My desire is to have everything come from within. I can create when I desire it, to me that is a great form of freedom. 

How do you hope to connect with the listener of your music?

Through the music itself! Also social media and nature are tools I use to connect. I want the music to touch your inner, to make you feel that something that you can’t explain. Practically I want to connect through social media. One cool thing about the world today is that we are connected more than ever before. Whenever I am not creating, or working, I am outside in nature. The more time you spend out in nature, the more you’ll understand me. 

Share some advice for other artists creating unique original music?

You are who you are and that is enough. No one else can be you, so by default you’re already unique, but only if you stay true to yourself. The moment you deviate and try to take on someone else or something that you are not then your creation becomes less authentic. Be honest with how you are and be bold in your approach. That’s what is always needed.

Give us a look at the future of Zaé?

I see the future of Zaé being one that moves to create a more stable environment. Planting trees, cleaning rivers/oceans, helping to make communities more sustainable and environmentally conscious, so much so to the point that it is engrained into the system, all of these things are necessary right now. I also see giving people the tools to create inner well-being and progress themselves in their spirituality. 

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