Live For “2Nite” With C-Roc

Van Nuys, CA rapper C-Roc will not let anything stop him from doing what he loves and making music. Since childhood, it was apparent to C-Roc that the world of rap was made for him, and within it, he’d find his destiny. He’s since worked diligently to release music he was proud of and never stopped pursuing his dreams. Recently, C-Roc, unfortunately, found himself on the wrong side of our criminal justice system with a wrongful conviction landing him in jail. But adversity never stopped C-Roc and now he’s back and growing even further as an artist with his latest release #VanNuys (Remixez & B-$idez).

This EP is C-Roc’s first release since his incarceration and shows that nothing will stop his passion for music. #VanNuys (Remixez & B-$idez) is an upbeat and catchy rap EP, highlighting C-Roc’s impeccable beat making abilities and smooth vocals. “2Nite” is a single off of #VanNuys (Remixez & B-$idez) that shows off how well C-Roc can write a club, dance hit.

You can find “2Nite” and all of #VanNuys (Remixez & B-$idez) on Spotify!

As “2Nite” opens you’re immediately brought back to the likes of DJ Kahled with an intro that introduces the song and artists both. The remainder of the song stays in that lane of mainstream dance/rap music. Clean vocals lead you through the chorus, singing the song of letting go and living. There’s a real, ‘let-your-hair-down’ feel throughout the song that makes you want to dance along to it.

C-Roc is undeniably an entertainer. “2Nite” might not revolutionize the way that you think or feel, but for two and a half minutes you’ll have fun. And with times being as trying as they are right now, we could all use a little more reprieve. Listening through this song will pause time for a moment. By the end of the song you’ll be ready to “get lit” with C-Roc and his crowd. Don’t miss out on the party!

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