Taouil Lays It All On The Line With “Bleed”

New York is a place that is bursting at the seams with talent. There’s no doubt that people there are looking to make something of themselves. But it’s a huge city, and only the resilient dreamchasers and go-getters will survive. Among the pack, Taouil finds himself ready to carve a path in the rock world.

Putting everything he has into his dream, Taouil has put his heart on the line with his latest single, “Bleed.” Tackling the loss of love and how to find the strength to move on, there’s tons of emotions that ~bleed~ through in this track. The emotionally fueled lyrical content leads to a power packed performance that is nothing more than unadulterated rock.

Watch the video for “Bleed” below

“Bleed” is reminiscent of a lot of great early 2000’s rock but still maintains a fresh and modern sound. Strong guitar work and a heavy drum line give this single it’s authentic rock sound. Vocals bring through the emotions of the song, giving it depth and meaning.

“Treading on a thread, love bleeds in red”

“Bleed” is the latest of a series of singles that Taouil has released this year, proving that he came into the industry ready to hit the ground running. Amassing thousands of listens per single, it’s clear that there’s a little bit of magic behind Taouil and the music he’s making.

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