Thaddeus Anna Greene Tease New EP with Single

Thaddeus Anna Greene

Cleveland-born rock quartet Thaddeus Anna Greene feels familiar even upon the first listen. Formed in 2010 by then-14-year-old lead vocalist TJ Maclin, the band has gradually gained traction, getting picked up by ReverbNation’s invite-only artist development program, CONNECT, and showcasing at New York City’s CMJ Festival.

After receiving the opportunity to record in Jimi Hendrix’ historic Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village – visited by icons like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and Patti Smith among others – the band is ready to drop their latest EP, “Bleed,” led by a single of the same name.

Thaddeus Anna Greene – Making Music Everyone Can Feel

The single showcases honest lyrics and raw emotion in Maclin’s vocals, rounded out by guitarist Ryan Augusta’s harmonies to fill the cracks in the notes. From the very opening bars, the music conjures up a full sensory experience – listeners can hear Maclin’s pain and visualize the two lovers he sings about, screaming outside his window in the street.

The guitar steadily rambles on throughout the song, giving a bluesy rock foundation on which to lay Maclin’s soul-filled vocals. And that’s the whole idea. “I make myself relatable by laying back on heavy grooves and singing my heart out,” he said in a ReverbNation CONNECT mini documentary.

The song gets heavier towards the end, transitioning from a slow tremble to a full on jam session featuring blaring guitars, smashing cymbals, and a perfectly paired vocal harmony. Even through headphones, listeners can hear Maclin’s passion as he commands his lover to “Leave! / Don’t say goodbye.” The groovy rhythm will almost have you forgetting it’s a sad song. Almost.

With just a few releases out, the band is still a budding act in the studio, but one that’s sure to rock live. You can learn more about Thaddeus Anna Greene on their Facebook page and stream the new single, “Bleed,” on Bandcamp.

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