Aldous Harding Captivates In Debut Album

Aldous Harding

Sometimes we get artists that seem to be from a different era. Whether it be because of their lyrics or instrumentation they just play with this sort of “blast from the past” presence. New Zealand-based singer Aldous Harding plays with these elements. Her self-titled debut Aldous Harding works with a sound that rivals 60’s folk. Harding makes a smooth debut that not only shows her amazing vocal talent but also speaks to her artistry.

Aldous Harding produces an album that feels almost cinematic. From the very beginning we get this raw and emotional vibe that has all of these amazing moments mixed in with Harding’s unrelenting sincerity. Harding sings about the truth and she does it in a very powerful way.

On top of that, her voice is almost ethereal as she sings. She has a tonal quality that cannot be matched and it all just sounds so pure. Her voice carries so much emotion in the most delicate way, and it’s definitely something that can’t be ignored.

Aldous Harding Sings A Story

Harding’s music also has a very storyteller aspect to her music. Take her first track, “Stop Your Tears” as an example. We get this vivid story through her lyrics all in front of this very impressive folky backing. She tells a story with her lyrics – and it’s so vivid and rich you have no problem following along.

Harding sings about the raw elements of life like death and love while still creating this narrative space. She’s taking us as the listeners through this story in amazing detail all while mesmerizing us with her voice. Everything she sings sounds so incredibly captivating and it’s disarming, for lack of a better term.

But that doesn’t mean Harding’s songs don’t have some variety to them. We don’t get the same slow folk sound in every track. They all have this intense amount of raw emotions while also playing with different tempos and styles.

Like “Titus Groan,” which shows Harding’s voice mixed with this amazing violin and duet, or a very folk “Beast”. She creates this very complex album that’s songs build like the plot to a movie.

Harding is a unique type of artist. She sings with such conviction with so much emotion you can feel it in your chest. Her self-titled debut Aldous Harding works in this way of giving you the cold, hard truth without overwhelming you. It does this while also giving you this pure and piercing voice that’s hard to forget.

Her debut Aldous Harding is available now.

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