Izzie Yardley shows she is no ‘Imposter’ with her debut EP

Izzie Yardley

This year, Izzie Yardley released her single “All We Have”. It was a taster of what to expect in her debut EP, Imposter, an EP made possible thanks to the support from PRS Women in Music and Help Musicians. To help accomplish her goal, she brought in talented musicians Ethan Johns (drums) and Nick Pini (bass) and to shape these recordings, she added the production qualities of Dom Monks. These three brought in a vast amount of experience working with artists such as Nick Cave, Laura Marling, and Ray Lamontagne, to name a few. Imposter came to life after a few days of recording at the Bert Jansch Studio in Frome (Somerset). 

Imposter is a collection of songs exploring life, death, health and hope. It is a release Yardley is proud of and excited for everyone to hear. She says, “What I love about this collection of songs is how much you can hear the character of everyone involved. It’s four strong voices coming together and creating colours for the songs that couldn’t have existed in any other scenario. That’s exciting music to me”.

Imposter opens up with “All We Have” and the gentle sound of Yardley’s acoustic guitar. It does not take long for her voice to join in with the opening lines, “Sitting wondering if I’m missing what the others have / A steady job, a caring home, family in their beds”. It is a soothing combination that moves at its own pace, creating a captivating charm. A mood enhanced further thanks to Johns and Pini’s musical talents. Together, the trio create a soft and mesmerising mood that draws in the listener as much as her storytelling qualities.

‘Imposter’ EP is the perfect showcase of what Izzie Yardely has to offer. There is no doubt she is the real deal with songwriting like this.

Following on comes the title track, “Imposter”, which offers something a little different. Part of this is due to the partnership of the bass and drums. When Yardley comes in with her vocals, the change is clearer to hear. There is playful nature to her voice and how she shares her words. However, her lyrics say something different as they talk about self-doubt. A feeling reflected in part of the chorus, “Where do I begin / Draw a line through all you know / I don’t know if I / Can help feeling so low”. A song that shines a spotlight on her storytelling qualities and how good they can sound. 

So far, it feels like each song offers something a little different. “She Rose” is no exception. As always, her way with words continues to stand out. Especially with the opening lines, “The wind was howling and the shutters flailing / Time was on our side, and my heart was racing / Holes in knees try to please our mother / Plastic cups of tea tell her you love her”. But, it is the sunnier feel of the soundtrack that demands attention. The trio creates an easy-going, free-flowing sound that is a delight on the ears from beginning to end. They also deliver a flawless instrumental section during the later stages of the track. 

Saving the best for last comes “The Reckoner”. It brings together all of the standout qualities of Yardley’s music and highlights why she is an artist to watch. As soon as it begins, you notice something different from her gentle guitar and the addition of strings. They create a moody tone for the opening lines, “So your mother showed you the window / The path she tried when she was born / She returned for the winter roses / But she never called / And she never really came home”. As well as the music, her vocals ooze an emotional quality that brings these words to life. 

As it continues, her way with words continues to impress. The chorus is simple, but the way it is shared is mesmerising. She holds the listener’s attention as she sings, “I’ll be your reckoner / I’ll be your saviour / I’ll be your comforter / I’ll be your deranger”. Yet again, this highlights how she moulds her lyrics with a purpose which are perfectly delivered. As for her vocals, they are sublime throughout. They switch between a gentle tone to packing a punch when needed. How she closes the song says it all. Yardley does so by vocalising in a haunting manner. It is a show-stopping moment that brings this EP to a close.

“The Reckoner” is a special moment to close out an impressive debut. It showcases an artist with a sublime songwriting ability who can captivate as she shares her words. There is so much you can say about this flawless release. Give Imposter a listen today, and let Izzie Yardley show you how good she sounds. 

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