The music and scenes that you are a part of through your upbringing will have a major effect on your own music.  Allowing yourself to take it all in is extremely important.  An open mind takes these influences to make something new and fresh.  Our recent find Izzy Man has been making his own scene now.

Izzy Man

Growing up in New York City allowed Izzy Man to experience all the hip hop culture that was available.  From picking up rhythm from the Organize Chaos Step Team of Brooklyn Tech HS and Terps Dance Company at SUNY Oneonta, to spittin poetry at a national level with the Intangible Collective in NYC a new rapper was made.  The new sound created by Izzy is transforming thoughts, Sega and Nintendo samples, and Mighty Morphin Power Ranger colors into words, music, movement, and new rap songs.  DOing his own thing has caught the attention of major stars such as Talib Kweli and perform on bills with acts like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Naughty By Nature, Dumbfoundead, and Clara C.  Bigger things seem to be on the horizon.

Recently Izzy Man released the full length record Genesis.  The 12 track record shows the skills of the rapper through a variety of styles.  The opening title track “Genesis” has a spacey feel to it that sets the listener up for the wild ride he is about to partake.  The track “Beast” begins with a throwback to classic 50’s sounds that transforms to a modern attack with Izzy Man’s fire spitting leading the way.  “You For You” is a pretty and stripped down song that pushes a mellow acoustic beat and elegant hook sung by Nancy Yi while Izzy lets lose his standard flow of impressive verse.  By the time you reach the beautiful atmospheric closer “Without Air” your mind can use the relaxation of the background but Izzy Man still has much to say and share in the vocals.  This is definitely a rising star to keep an eye on.  You can hear the music and learn more here:


stream it for free – Spotify: 



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