There are plenty of phony artists out there that write songs telling stories that are unbelievable and unrelatable.  They may have a hit or two but will never last because the fans can never truly connect with them.  When an artist puts his true feelings and life into his music a career will blossom.  One such artist that we are catching up with now is Young Wayf.

Young Wayf

The independent hip hop artist hails from Nashville, Tennessee.  There is no fake face that Wayf puts out there.  He pours his emotions out there for everyone to hear without the fear of being judged by poseurs.  This creates a type of freedom that is hard to beat.  The stories that Wayf shares are close to his heart and it has been attracting loyal fans with a vengeance.  He has created his own company called Real Music Recording Group and has assembled a team that is growing stronger and stronger everyday to take his career as far as possible.

The latest mixtape by Young Wayf called HER was released last month.  The 9 track record is heavy on the R&B tip with a real love vibe throughout.  The opening title track “HER” starts with an atmospheric sound that eases your mind as you prepare to enter the Wayf world.  When the lyrics kick in it is obvious that the talent is there.  There is an even more spacey feel to “She Know” as the sounds seem to wash over the listener as Wayf tells it like it is even if the results aren’t exactly what he wanted.  The strong melody and beat lead the way and bring up the energy on “She Make Me Feel” with the classic song creeping in the background.  The lyrics continue the trend of Wayf sharing his love for women and how they enter his heart.  The closing bonus track “Bad Bitches Only” is more of a club banger with some head bopping beats and a strong flow.  The newest single release “No Way” continues this trend with a sick hook that will stay in your head way after the song is over.  Wayf brought in Florida native Cory Jones for this one and it is getting major buzz online with over twenty-five thousand views and counting.

This shows how Young Wayf can go in any direction he wants with his music.  Keep an eye on where this story goes at: 


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