Often we are pushed or almost forced into careers in the daily workforce.  This does not mean that the music inside of us dies.  It just means it may take a little longer to get out.  Our recent find Reverist is a great story of keeping the candle burning.


The project is the creation of Omar Qazi who happens to be a medical doctor.  Years of schooling could not bury the dream of creating music.  Omar’s soaring, catchy melodies combine with the infectious dance beats of Steve Addington and the powerful basslines of Matthew Walsh to form an indie pop sound that has been making waves.  Reverist has been hitting their local Orlando, Florida scene hard and are about to start spreading their sound with an East Coast tour next year.  

Their debut EP Dreaming Onward was released recently.  The 5 track record shows pop sensibilities that could land Reverist a flock of fans.  The lead single “Superhero” builds an anthemic background with sweet soaring vocals that fit well with the full palette of sound.  There is a more rocking feel to “About The Past” as sweeping sounds show an energy that rises throughout with the use of different tones.  There is a fun and elegant sound to “They Are Weak, But We Are Strong” that brought to mind classic Maroon 5 songs.   This is a great start to the Reverist career and the pop music they aim to share with the world.  Get on board now at: http://www.reveristmusic.com/ 

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  1. Your the first music blog I check almost every day. I didn’t know there was a new Acid House Kings video out till I saw the above. So I hope you mangae to sort things out outside of the music and thank you again for the great blog you do. Cheers Paul