When a person needs a savior or a friend they often turn to music.  This is just one of the powers that it has over the mind and soul.  Be aware of this when you write songs for there may be someone out there that needs to hear exactly what you are putting out there.  Our recent find Sweet As Knives is a story of this power.

Sweet As Knives

The musical project is the brainchild of Seattle native Alex Kornbluh.  After moving away from his original hometown he went into a state of isolation and not knowing what to do with himself.  Alex turned to music, in particular experimental sounds such as Grimes, Purity Ring, Animal Collective, and Crystal Castles.  Then the inspiration kicked in and with the support of his family Sweet As Knives was born.  Noise are collected and sampled from everywhere and have become the basis for the original experimental electronic sound of the project.  

Recently Sweet As Knives released the Bedroom Wars EP.  The 5 track record opens up a world of possibilities for both the artist and the listener.  The opener “I Can’t Stay” sets a relaxing tone with a warm blanket of sound covering up the listener.  The vocal style stays monotonous enough as to not interrupt the mellowness.  A wild assortment of noises are present on “Sand Bag” with waves of sand coming in and out like the waves of the ocean.  There is a lot of work put in before this song even made it to the studio.  What sounds like it may be a easy listening folk song at the beginning, “Ocean Floor” develops into a trippy experience in vocal samples accompanied by a melodic background to keep the peace.  The closer “Obsidian” uses more samples in a slightly more jarring way with noise coming in and out of the speakers in a mesmerizing way.  

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