When musical talent is discovered at a young age it must be nurtured.  There is always more skills to gain and talent will grow with the right help and instruction.  Luckily our recent find J Metro had the support to grow in his craft.

The talented singer/songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist hails from Houston, Texas.  He grew up by the name Jimmie Moore Jr. and got his start at the age of 5 with both piano and voice lessons.  The love of music took hold and he continued his training with trombone, marching band and vocal choral ensembles dominating his high school years.  It didn’t stop there though.  J Metro, as he is now known, went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition from Morehouse College.  Billboard charting singles have followed.

The latest single by J Metro was released on March 24th through The Orchard.  The track “Magic” pulls it all together for him.  There is a simple piano melody that creates a groove to let J Metro’s smooth vocals sail above and tell the story.  The chorus is extremely catchy and will be humming in your head long after the song is over.  Get a listen to it here:

Keep an eye out for the debut EP Sentir Mon Amour by J Metro coming to you this summer.  Follow the rise at: http://www.jmetromusic.com/

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