With so many different musical genres out there it is almost odd nowadays to find something truly unique.  One way to set yourself apart is to take pieces of a bunch of different genres and spin them into your own little patchwork masterpiece creating your own sound.  A good example is our recent discovery Baraka.


The Washington, DC based musician and composer is in the often crowded electronic music scene.  There are influences of Electronica, Drum N Bass, and Glitch Hop but what makes Baraka stand out is his input of other genres such as R&B, and Jazz.  The brains behind the project is Geoffrey Dean who cut his teeth as a Jazz Pianist.  This new hybrid of exotic sounds is quite different though.

After releasing 2 full length albums through iTunes and Spotify Baraka is now back with some fresh sounds that push the envelope even further.  The track “Porcelain” creates a relaxing base with a slow head bopping melody but then is taken to a new level with a variety of vocal and Jazz samples.  Another song “Electric Blanket” comes at you right from the start with an assortment of melding sounds from different parts of the musical spectrum that somehow sound like they were meant to be together.  There is a lot going on here but it works.  In his ode to Amy Winehouse “Axis Of Time” Baraka builds up a jazzy hip hop flavor that makes for quite a groove.  Again there is so much going on but it blends beautifully.  Come see how Baraka makes this all work at:





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