Jana Pochop Keep The Folk Genre Fresh

Jana Pochop

One of the best parts of the independent music world is that the artists are free to experiment. There is no major label controlling the direction of the music. An artist can try new things and explore ideas. This music can be delivered directly to the fans to get their opinion. One artist we have kept our ears on is Jana Pochop. She has continued to push the limits in her sound.

Music was discovered at an early age for Jana. At 10 years old she had asked for a drum kit but received a guitar instead. The guitar of Mary Chapin Carpenter becoming an early influence. Growing up in the culturally rich area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, also had an impact on her musical freedom. In 2006, a move to the music hub of Austin, Texas provided even more opportunity to pursue an uncommon career in music. As the city’s motto says, “Keep Austin Weird.”

The unique sound of Jana Pochop is rooted in the Folk genre but many other styles are brought in to stretch the genre. Back in 2014, her EP Throats Are Quarries was featured on IndieBandGuru. (Read the article HERE). The folk-pop feel of it was abundant while each song showed off a slightly different feel.

Jana Pochop Is The Future of Innovative Folk

Now Jana Pochop is back with a new single that changes up her folk style once again.



On “Money & Heart” we get a Folk-Rap that is the next level of the Jana Pochop originality. She lays her own life and feelings into the lyrics. She does what she does for art without attempting to satisfy anyone except herself. The guitars and drums keep a cozy and warm tone to the track that makes it truly relatable.

Each listen will provide you with a new sound to focus on. There is a lot going on in this one song. Keep up with this one and more Jana Pochop music on her WEBSITE.


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