Leogun Return with Their New EP ‘Human’


It feels like a long time coming, but Leogun are back! London’s very own rockers have just unleashed their new EP, Human. After their impressive releases By the Reins and Majick Potion, they had set the bar high for themselves. But Tommy Smith (guitars, vocals), Tom Williams (bass) and Adam Lewis (drums) were up for the challenge.

The band says that this EP has been created “with all the passion, emotion, and loudness that all good Rock and Roll music deserves.” This can be heard in every song throughout this release as they bring their own blend of blues-rock. This is demonstrated on their opening tracks “Dirty Mind” and “Everything.” Both strut their way into your ears with a sound that has swagger and attitude. It grabs your attention from the get-go.

The pace and sound changes during the title track “Human”. This one demonstrates how Leogun can create rock that is sexy. The band sets the mood with a more laid-back bluesy performance but in doing so, deliver more. Smith’s vocals mirror this sultry mood which makes this song even more captivating. A highlight that deserves your time.

“Whipped Cream” switches things back to their own style of rock. Then, how do you end an EP with so many strong tracks? Easy, you bring out the big guns with “Demon”. This shows off everything that makes Leogun stand out so much. It’s arrangement and Smith’s vocals bring back the swagger. The only problem with this song is that it makes you thirsty to hear more.

Leogun are Bringing Back Sexy Rock

Leogun has yet again confirmed that they do not mess about when it comes to their music. It is sexy and playful but it does so with intent. This is thanks to a band that has chemistry and vocals that ooze confidence. With this EP, these guys deserve to stand tall among the giants of rock that are about today.

You can listen to Human in full on Spotify. If you want to find out more about the band, including upcoming shows, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.