Leyya Brightens Winter with Pastel Music Video ‘Drumsolo’


Pastel perfect music video “Drumsolo” from dreamwave pop band Leyya hits the refined elegance of simplicity and glances at the edge of rock.

The Sonic Build of “Drumsolo”

“Drumsolo” is textured, lavish with layers and experimental nods at genres. The vocalist’s lofty, yet poignant voice glosses over the spacey bubblegum synth. What sets “Drumsolo” apart from the run-of-the-mill pop song are the vibrant drum solos.

So yes, the single is very aptly named.

In addition, the solos are fearless and welcomed. Not to mention that without, the song would’ve been missing a hardness. The layers of pop and rock are expertly built in a way that doesn’t sound out of place or forced. Sweet are the melodies, making “Drumsolo” an easy, wavy listen.

Leyya’s Visual Color Wave

Pairing a song of such contrast with an equally impressive video can be a challenge, but Leyya makes it charming. As a whole, the video is wild. A colorful explosion of pastel and darkness, it’s playful as well as a little weird.

However a sense of glamour isn’t to be ignored. Each shot of pastel is paired with an unusual, elegant element that captivates the eyes. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a fishbowl against an all pink background or a pair of legs shifting in roller skates upon yellow backgrounds. Other times, it’s a fish dangling into frame or a single head in a box. Strangely enough, the aspects find themselves fitting the video perfectly.

Additionally, with “Drumsolo!” being yelled from the vocalist, the video switches to its contrast. From pretty pastels to a dark room with strobe light illumination. The center, a drummer going at it wearing what seems to be a human mop costume. These two palettes are interwoven throughout the video, careful not to give too much of just one.

Leyya is an Australian duo, with album Sauna due early next year. Their exotic take on music and artistry has been noted from a range of outlets, from BBC to Consequence of Sound. Leyya has shown with “Drumsolo” a sparkling experience in the light of the dreariness of winter.