Mint Field Enchants with “Ojos En El Carro” video

mint field

Eerily beautiful, haunting music video “Ojos En El Carro” from Mint Field makes its mark in contemporary noir.

Mint Field Takes Composition to the Next Level

“Ojos En El Carro” is a single of Latin strings and hazy pop. Climaxing in its third minute with fuzzy electric guitars and vocal layering, it’s hard to fit the song into one genre. Fluidity is a golden notion of “Ojos” that highlights how unique Mint Field is in tune creation. That electric guitar closes out the melodies, and soon, the track, ringing lightly in your head. There’s an organic warmth behind the song, inviting its calmness.

From the beginning, it’s clear that “Ojos En El Carro” needs an intricate music video. Needless to say, the accompanying video is a black and white exploration. The modernity in noir is chilling, as smooth as the beginning. Slow motion is built upon camera work that switches in and out of focus. Being built upon slow motion, the song feels longer than it is because of it. This really welcomes a deeper resonance with the melodies.

Music Video Darkness

Most of the music video compromises interesting elements. Close ups of the duo. Running to a house in a white dress. A grudge-like character standing inside. Forests. Playing with sparklers. It seems as though the possibilities were endless as to what was to happen next. What’s most compelling is the use of light. Throughout, mirrors or shots of light were encapsulating. A focal point of the video, lights were never given a backseat in the black-and-white stillness.

Creatively, “Ojos En El Carro” pairs together beautifully with its video. Both are experimental journeys of darkness and delicacy. Coming from a year of bright indie pop, “Ojos” is a wonderful contrast of sound and composition.

At just 21 years old, both members of the Tijuana, Mexico-based band have shown an intricate view of how they build their music. Being so young, it’s exciting to see where the two will go next with their sound. But for now, their debut album Pasar De Las Luces will be available everywhere February 23.