There is uncountable number of music genres in today’s music world.  And even more offshoots of any music genre you can think of.  It does make for a large smorgasbord of styles to experience but sometimes you just want to listen to some good old American rock guitar music.  That is what I found today in Jeff Cottrell.

Jeff is a straight ahead American singer/songwriter that has brought his music back to its roots.  He was born in California, played in various rock bands all over the country, and now has settled in Pennsylvania to bring his style to the masses.  He is a skilled musician that plays many instruments as well as producing.  Through his travels he has picked up many influences including The Black Crows, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Kiss.

Now Jeff Cottrell is focused on releasing his music to the world.  His latest release is the Sky High EP bringing his listener friendly rock music to his fans and looking to make some more.  The title track ‘Sky High’ is a mellow guitar based song with a Tom Petty influenced chorus.  The meaning of the song makes itself pretty obvious through Jeff’s strong vocals and storytelling ability.  The faster and more electric style of ‘Can U Dig It’ shows that he can write a funky rock song as well.  He flashes some true old school guitar style in the solo as well.  The song has a lot of interesting production parts added to it as well as sing along background vocals making it a fun song to listen to.  He touches on some wild west Bon Jovi influences as well throughout the record.

Bottom Line: Jeff Cottrell has made a record in Sky High that could fit well along with many of the pop guitar rock of the last 10 years.  Strong vocals and guitar playing give him the potential to break out into the mainstream with a few breaks.

Check him out here:

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