Certain genres of music come and go in my playlist.  Some disappear forever such as rap-polka and country-swing but some genres keep reappearing as certain moods hit me.  After the hectic week I had (car accident, doctor visits) I needed to do some self-medicating, so I retreated down to my man cave in the basement and went back to a genre that always comes in handy in these times, Reggae.  If you know me, you know it would never just be straight reggae.  It had to have a spin and an edge.  Luckily I came across the rock reggae punk ska mix of Rudies.

The Lexington, Kentucky band is made up of guys that have experience in the music business for a long while, not just a bunch of kids that just discovered the sound.  There are many different influences heard here from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and The Slackers to Fishbone and Bad Brains.  This makes for quite a different take on a well-established genre.  At this point in the band member’s careers it is not about the fame and stardom but rather the joy and fun of playing their own mash up of sound.

Just prior to the summer, Rudies released their second album Rude World Order.  It is a ten song mixture of roots reggae,ska and punk.  The signature song of the album has to be ‘Somebody Gotta Go To Jail’ as it mixes all their styles into a song that can be loved by all.  The smooth reggae is interrupted by a strong punk-like bridge of smashing drums and guitar that grabs you by the throat before setting you back down to singer Saint Jerrod’s rhythmic vocals.  ‘Bad Times’ seems like an homage to late Bad Brains songs with its attack and upbeat speed that carry the listener through 3 minutes and 14 seconds, short for a Rudies song.  The smooth ‘One For I’ has some interesting sounds and effects that make it stand out.  I got a little feel of an early Police song on this one.

Bottom Line: After years as musicians, Rudies are now putting out music for the sheer joy of mixing the styles that they enjoy and it works.  Get your ‘medicine’, go to your special place, and turn on Rude World Order and let your cares slip away.  Stream it free at:


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