Many artist that we come across have talents in other areas in addition to their singing and songwriting skills.  A resourceful musician will utilize every talent that they have available to further their career and relate to potential fans.  A little ingenuity goes a long way in the music business.  Let us share the story of Jeneen Terrana.

Originally hailing from Buffalo, NY the singer songwriter Jeneen caught the performer gene from her grandfather who would put on a full opera at the house every Sunday after dinner.  She used this model to get a BA in classical music and opera before relocating to New York City to pursue her dreams.  There is another passion that beats in Jeneen Terrana’s heart, baking.  She used those skills to help fund the recording of a complete album with a campaign.  It kept her in the kitchen 3 months straight making cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolates, etc for her supporters but the end result was a fully funded record.  Even the Food Network took notice and featured Jeneen on an episode of Homemade In America.  The attention has been great and more fans are finding her through these different channels including her own web series JT’s Artist Oven.

There is more on the horizon including a new EP titled Fallin that is set for release on June 19th.  The 5 track record has a full concept of love gained and then lost and moving on.  The opener “Calling My Bluff” begins with a minimalistic beat and vocals but builds into a full attack of sound to grab your attention.  The title track “Fallin” is a pretty song where Jeneen lets her strong and passionate vocals lead the way telling a story of the early stages of falling in love.  The energy picks up on “Fastlane” as a driving guitar pushes the along forward allowing the vocals to share the emotions.  There is an accompanying music video that lets you into Jeneen Terrana’s world.  Enjoy it here:

The EP closes with a live version of “Bloody Valentine”.  This is a slightly darker song where the vocals show off a sultry and devious side.  There is some great range to be heard here.  Learn more and enter Jeneen’s world at:

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