In our continuous search around the world for great music we end up completely on the other side of the world quite often.  Australia has been exporting solid rock music for decades.  Our recent discovery Smoking Martha has the energy and professionalism to be a force on both sides of the planet.

Smoking Martha

The 5-piece rock band was put together when singer Tasha D and guitarist Mike Broome combined their love of raw rock and roll and passionate music.  They grabbed some of the best musicians through Brisbane & Gold Coast and seem to be well on their way bringing a powerful sound to the masses.  Smoking Martha has caught the attention of the scene locally and has played some of the best venues in Australia as well as the biggest festivals.  The fans have been coming in droves and the band is ready for world domination.

The highly anticipated self titled debut EP Smoking Martha is now hitting the American shores.  The 5 track record has the power and energy to catch on here as well.  The opener “Bad Choices” grabs the listener right from the start with winding guitar and Tasha D’s deep and mesmerizing vocal delivery.   The band shows their diversity on “Heavy Heart”.  The slowed down and thought provoking track puts the mind in a different state but the energy returns quickly on “All Lit Up”.  Here the choppy beat attacks while the vocals lead you down a dark path that we all want to get to the end of.  Powerful songwriting.  The lead single “Sweet As Honey” ties it all together with a slightly progressive feel and impressive guitar riffs that will get the blood pumping.  This is a group that you should be on the lookout for.  Get your start here:

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