Much of the music sent to us here is independent and often very raw.  This is fine as a band coming up but when we do find music by a new band that knows how to fill the full sonic space on a record we stand up and take notice.  That is the case with our recent find The Drama Dolls.

The band hailing from the northwest section of the UK seems to be way ahead of their relatively young age.  The Drama Dolls are the brainchild of ex Colony bassist, guitarist and main songwriter Mike Cambridge who along with drummer Alan Bristow and keyboard player and engineer Agatha form the nucleus of the band with strong vocals by acclaimed US rock singer Chris Hodges.  Thier sound draws upon the classic rock sounds of the the past but has a modern edge that draws comparisons to epic bands like U2 and Muse.  If they stay on this track we expect big things from them.

This past week The Drama Dolls released their debut EP The Sublime Art Of Self Importance.  The 3 song record shows off an energy and versatility that can take them in many directions.  The opener “Don’t Waste Your Prayers” has the slow build of an anthemic song that carries through on pounding drums and driving guitars.  The vocals of Chris Hodges stand out as well adding a pop-rock tone that is ready for mainstream radio.  A music video has already been produced that will get the track even more listens.  Watch it here:

On “I Want More” the band heads for a more indie rock sound that brings the listener in for a closer listen.  There is a tinge of darkness here that makes it that much more interesting.  The closing track “King For A Day” is an aggressive ball of energy that will have heads bopping wherever it goes.  The mix shows some real talent that competes with the pro studios.  Jump on this bandwagon early at:

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