Jerry Pines Leads The Way To “Heaven”

Jerry Pines

A musician’s life can go in many directions. The one thing that holds us all together is a desire to be creative and live a life on our own terms. (most of us non-mainstreamers, that is, lol). This leads to adventures that we are hopefully able to turn into songs that others will enjoy. One that has done just that is our recent discovery Jerry Pines.

The now Chicago based singer and songwriter has been performing throughout the United States for more than a decade now. The Jerry Pines sound is an intimate folk-rock with heavy influence from country and americana music. His goal is to share the stories of his life from a road less traveled. This passion has led him to many exploritive adventures that can be relatable for all of us, even if our lives did not get to go down these same paths. We can live through Jerry without having the back of a man that has slept on way too many couches in his lifetime.

Hear Jerry Pines “Heaven” here:

The latest release by Jerry Pines is “Heaven.” The song builds quickly with a country folk flair that welcomes everyone into the circle. A happy tone runs through the track as Jerry leads us in the pursuit of salvation through booze, romance, and music. His smooth vocal delivery keeps the warm and cozy feeling rolling throughout. 

A strong group of supporting musicians was brought in from Los Angeles to fill out the sound. With Jerry Pines building up a great network of session players and friends through the years, this was an easy task. Together the full stretch of the speakers is used. Somehow though, the song seems to fit right at home around a campfire or in the studio. The warm vibe will make heads will sway along wherever “Heaven” is heard. 

We look forward to following more of the Jerry Pines adventure. Join in on his INSTAGRAM.

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