Having the ability to write songs is something that not everyone can master. It can be a learned skill but it must be practiced over and over even more than learning to master your instrument. Our latest find Jiggley Jones has been doing both for a long time and is now making a real name for himself with his solo career.

jiggley jones

The Pennsylvania native brings his own unique style that is deep in Americana with an alt-country influence. Jiggley Jones has been in various bands over the years and has written over 100 songs. To advance his career he has now hooked up with Michael Stover and MTS Management Group. With their help Jiggley Jones has earned 2 nominations and a subsequent win, for Songwriter of the Year, at the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards, 2 New Music Awards nominations (AC New Artist and AC Breakthrough Artist) and a 2014 Independent Country Music Award nomination for Best Americana Artist.

Things are now moving fast for Jones and he recently released a new album entitled a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light. The 6 song EP has a huge sound that fills the the speakers due to the help of Grammy nominated producer Dave Moody. On the opener “Modern Day” Jiggley Jones shows right away that he can write a song that incorporates all his talents. The vocals seem to caress the listener and grab your attention immediately. On “Hope In A Bottle” there is a serious issue being discussed but again Jiggley makes it smooth and powerful. There is more of a rocking alt-country feel on “Nothings So Natural” that seems to mellow out as the song progresses with the use of different sounds. The closer “Early Morning Light” finishes off strong featuring his unique voice and the power it has over the listener.

We recently had the chance to sit down and get deeper behind the man known as Jiggley Jones.  Enjoy the interview below:

1. Jiggley Jones is quite an interesting moniker, tell us how that came about?

Jiggley is actually a nickname that was pinned to me about 17 years ago while hanging out with friends up in New York. It stuck and everybody in that circle of friends called me that from then on. When I started this musical project I thought that my nickname would be more recognizable in the long run then my given name. It seems to have worked out so far.


2. You are well known for being a prolific songwriter.  How many songs would you say you have written and what is your songwriting process like?

Thanks for using the word prolific, I like that. I’ve written or co-written well over 100 songs along the way in various bands and/or solo situations. I usually start with a guitar and add vocals along the way but work out the lyrics last.


3. How would you describe your personal sound?

Acoustic driven alternative Folk Rock.


4.  You have been creating music for a long time, who are some of your influences?

I always mention Neil Young as being a big influence on me when I was younger. A lot of Classic Rock artists like The Allman Brothers and The Eagles, etc….


5. Your career seems to be picking up steam recently.  How has hooking up with MTS management taken you to the next level.

Since I’ve been with MTS my exposure around the globe has been steadily moving forward.


6.  Tell us about some of the awards and recognition Jiggley Jones has been receiving lately?

I was the 2013 IMEA Songwriter of the Year and have been nominated recently with three other award entities such as the Artist Music Guild, Independent Country Music Association, and the New Music Awards. I’m still waiting to find out the results of many of these nominations.


7.  The momentum is there, what is next for the career of Jiggley Jones?

At this point moving to the next level is probably essential if this is to continue to keep pace.


Go see what real songwriting is at: http://www.jiggleyjones.com

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