Ever since the early days of recorded music collaboration has been a major impact.  Back then it was musicians agreeing to meet up in a studio and bounce ideas off of eachother to create some fresh music.  Now with the technology of today people can record things at totally different times and later mix it all together to create totally unique sounds.  A master of these remixes is our recent find EDA.


The DJ and composer from Ukraine, also known as Edward Skrypnyk, has been evolving his sound and skills over the years.  What started as a studio psychill and psydub project has become a full fledged live project with the addition of Sasha Barabanov – percussion, Dj Saturn Smokin – playback (dj set), and Eda playing bass guitar.  The group’s sets include tracks from the releases of Ukrainian music label OmMan Records. Basically, it’s original tracks of Edvard Skrypnyk and his collaboration works with various Omman Records musicians. During EDA’s live show you can hear absolutely unique interpretation of these works that sounds fresh every time.

The last recorded release by EDA is the elegant Ice Drift.  The 9 track album consists of joint tracks and remixes from various authors and Ukrainian music bands. This is perfect for deep listening with its PsyChill and PsyDub elements.  The music somehow manages to capture your attention while also blending into the background creating a trancelike state.  When you have the time for a complete listen go get your mind to a higher state at: http://omman.com.ua/eda-ice-drift-release-2/?lang=en


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