There are people out there that are just natural born musicians.  I always struggled to learn music theory as well as picking up chords and notes by ear.  Others can hear a song once or twice and then play every note of it by ear.  This is not me by far but our latest find, Jimmy Mac, has this rare quality.

Jimmy Mac

This natural of a musician was born in New Zealand and learned his skills bouncing back and forth from Australia and there.  Jimmy found his first inspirations in the late 80’s guitar rock of Slash of Guns N Roses and later fell in love with the grunge era of the later 90’s and its raw energy.  Jimmy Mac split time between many bands and a solo career honing his craft and becoming the true professional that he now is.

Recently Jimmy Mac has released the album Lucky Star as a testament to the growth of his career.  The 12 track record is a throwback to an earlier era of technical guitar skills and raw energetic rock.  The opening title track ‘Lucky Star’ features a powerful rock beat and guitar licks that will melt faces.  The vocals are slightly monotone but that adds to the contrast of the instrumentalism.  On ‘Happily Wasted’ Jimmy Mac starts slow but the beat builds to a pop rock song complete with a very hummable chorus.  The happy feel of ‘Lazy’ makes for an enjoyable listen that will have the listener tapping their toes before they even know what happened.  Go experience the music of Jimmy Mac for yourself at:

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