Here at Indie Band Guru we receive an inordinate amount of music to listen to.  We do try to give every one of them a listen although there is not time to write about each one.  Once in a while we get a new band that really strikes a chord and makes us stand up and take notice.  We would like to introduce you to rising stars Tournament Of Hearts.

The Los Angeles based rock band recently released their debut album Local Maximum.  It is a surprisingly refreshing album from a band that is full of phenomenal musicians.  Their mixture of synths and rock riffs can often cheapen the overall sound. This definitely is not the case for this album.

There are hints of early Weezer and LCD Soundsystem. The album brings up a real mixture of tracks from rolling rock sounding ‘Forget The We Pretend’ to the almost 60’s sounding ‘Another Minute’.  Tournament Of Hearts has also released a music video for the beautifully mellow ‘Watch You Dive’.  Enjoy it here:

The bottom line is that its just a nice and easy going indie rock album; they haven’t gone wild with crazy production but they kept it relatively simple with uplifting and upbeat riffs.  Find more Tournament Of Hearts music at:

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