John Vento Takes Us For A Ride On ‘Taxi’

John Vento

Americana / Roots performer John Vento has released his latest track from his forthcoming full-length album, Brick By Brick, entitled “Taxi.”  This interesting narrative (written by Harry Chapin) places John Vento at the forefront of the track with his guitar as he tells a complex and marvelous tale of a night of “Raining hard in Frisco, I needed one more bed to make my night.” As the narrative progresses the imagery of this night’s stay at the hotel plays out with intricate metaphor and captivating lyricism. “Something about her was familiar, I could swear I’ve seen her face before. But she said I am sure your mistaken, and she didn’t say anything more.” 

The story presented on “Taxi,” is inter-weaved into a broader concept that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate, however, the progression throughout is well-paced and flows seamlessly into each stanza allowing the listener to fully appreciate the vastness of the tale John Vento is presenting. What really piqued my interest is the way John Vento tied everything together in the final section of the track. Throughout this recapitulation John brings in a female vocalist to harmonize with him, creating a timeless presence and capturing the magnitude of the events which were foretold.

The guitars on “Taxi” are crisp and clear, allowing all the overtones to ring out throughout the mix. The blend of guitars and vocals allows the countertenor vocal to maintain the centering quality of the track while the melodic lines are shaping the vocals to fill up the quiet space. “Taxi” features very interesting minor chord patterns which add an ominous presence to the track, this ties in very well with the theme of the lyrics. Listeners are treated to an experience with this dynamic instead of just another song. “Taxi” would fit in very well into any Americana / singer-songwriter playlist with its clever lyrics and intricate storytelling. 

Personally, I see ”Taxi” as a great fit licensed to film or television as the melodies and harmonies play well with setting a scene that filmmakers are always looking for. “Taxi” is a very enjoyable track, and a great complement to John Vento’s other works on the Brick By Brick album.

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