Sluka Helps Us All ‘Figure It Out’


Even when success is reached early in a musician’s career, life witl take twists and turns. Stars are real people that live real lives. Doing what is right for you will always be right. Christopher Sluka has taken a winding road but has now returned with his new album Figure It Out.

Back in the late 1980s, Christopher Sluka made a name for his band playing the legendary venues of New York City such as CBGBs, The Ritz, and The Palladium. By 1989 the band Sluka released their first full length album on Mitsubishi’s Meldac label and gained huge success in Europe and Japan. Multiple successful albums followed throughout the 1990s. 

Meanwhile another passion was building for Christopher Sluka. The joy of flying. He took a hiatus from music to open a flight school and pilot jet planes around the world. The power and love fo music never waned though and songs continued to fly into his creative mind.

Now Sluka is back with a brand new album Figure It Out to reintroduce a fresh new sound. The 9 track record blurs the genre lines with a progressive, diverse, and eclectic style. The title track “Figure It Out” starts us off with the big atmospheric energy we need to prepare for to experience the full album. Sounds build off of eachother to paint the soundscape. The vocals jump out at the listener.

More exotic sounds show up on “Shout Out.” A mish mosh of unique influences can be heard from the new wave keyboard tones to the big chorus that demands crowd participation. There is a darker feel to “Feel The Weight” as Sluka stays in minor kets for the build up. The lyrical delivery has an emotional energy that lets the feelings of the songwriter reach right out to the audience.

“The Runner” by Sluka

On “The Runner” Sluka continues the experimentation with a dramatic sound design that attacks from all angles. The type of song you hear behind an amazing broadway musical as darkness takes the stage. A switch up to powerful alternative rock shows up on “SOS.” Pounding drums lead the way as everything comes together in a more streamlines package.

For the closer “Happy In Your World” a piano takes control laying down the backdrop for an elegantly delivered vocal performance. The power cmes in halfway through to enhance the story. With the right team Figure It Out could be a perfect play. I will be first in line to see that. 

Keep an eye out for where Sluka plans to take us next on his WEBSITE.

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