Bands come together for all sorts of reasons.  Some artists just happen upon a like soul and the result is the creation of beautiful music.  Not all the stories are rainbows and butterflies but whatever it takes to get the art inside out into the world is a positive.  Johnny Hoffman and The Residents found their calling and are doing what they can.

Johnny Hoffman Residents

The two piece band from Everett, Washington dives hard into the garage genre.  The duo says they formed because the scene needed them.  The downward spiral of a scene rife with drugs and violence is usually a good one to escape from but Johnny Hoffman and The Residents are standing their ground and making music to show what they live for.  They don’t necessarily like their surroundings but they do love themselves.

Sonihone Records got a hold of Johnny Hoffman and The Residents 5 song demo and signed the band on to the label.  There is a raw energy displayed by the band on tracks such as “Hey” and “1347”.  The punk influence is felt throughout but there is a mission to the music.  On “Suzy” the listener is treated to simple melody that worms its way into your brain as the song builds.  There is some depth to the band as well on “Hindsight” where the mellow beat is met with some different vocal styles including some hip hop touches.  We are excited to see where this goes next with the help of Soniphone Records.

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