The world is so full of great music that most people have no idea actually exists out there.  Here in America we are exposed to all kinds of genres but there are still parts of the world that I have not heard the influences of.  With the power of the internet this musical earth has become a much smaller place and we have been introduced to Oogie Zoogie.


The fantastically named artist an emcee from Scotland.  Even with my ears constantly opened to new music, I believe this is the first high end hip hop I have heard from Scotland.  At only 22 years old Oogie Zoogie is ready for his breakout and has started catching the attention of ears always hungry for new hip hop.  The reach of the scene has also helped with a new collaboration between Oogie and Texas emcee Infidelix that should win even more new fans.  After a meeting in Scotland and some party time with Mary Jane, the duo wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered a full EP along with a few live performances of the tracks.

Officially released on July 7th North Of Hell is making the rounds thanks to Citizen Soldier Entertainment.  The 7 track record is a fun intro into a world of talented rap and beatmaking.  The opener “NUTS” lets you know right from the start that this will be an entertaining ride.  The powerful beat drives the fast paced rap forward.  The accent stands out and adds another element of awesome.  The slightly more mellow “Rolling Papers” adds some extra talent in cameos by Truce and GiroBuster.  The deep bass will make your body feel nice if you are in the “right” state of mind.  The theme is continued on “Smoke A Blunt With Me”.  The lyrics will make you smile and the cartoon sounding hook adds to the humor.  Overall this is one of the funnest records I have heard in a while.  It will play in the office while the air is rich for a while.

Go and enjoy it for yourself at:


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