It is too often in the music word that an artist takes himself way too seriously.  A big part of the music experience is to have fun with it.  Some of the best songs ever written are about topics that are meant to leave a chuckle in the listener who actually understands the lyrics.  Our recent find Jonas Martin fully understands this.

Jonas Martin

The Dallas, Texas based Songwriter and performer grew up in a very musical friendly setting.  His father was  a radio disc jockey for most of his Jonas’ childhood introducing him to a wide variety of musical icons.  He grew up playing a variety of instruments but his affections grew most for the piano and keyboard instruments.  The Jonas Martin sound is an interesting blend of the modern and the past to create something that is quite unique.  He is unafraid to share his social commentary and personal observations with the world through his music.

Earlier this year Jonas Martin released his debut solo record called Chokecherry Jam.  The 10 track album shows off his songwriting chops and welcomes listeners into his personal world.  Right from the first song “You’re So Blues” you know you will be drawn into Jonas’ style.  The groove just kind of breaks down any barriers immediately.  His love for keyboard and organ sounds comes to the forefront on “Wake Up”.  There is an old soul feel here that makes for some interesting listening.  The faster paced “Fishy Man” has a groove that will speed up the heartbeat and get your head bopping.  By the time you get to the closer “Where Did It Go?” and its dirty blues style you will be in a mindset where you feel like an underground super spy that can do anything you want.  Definitely a fun record.

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