Music is freedom.  There are times when the restrictions of writing music for the masses or being in a structured band can feel like chains preventing this freedom.  Playing with others is necessary to gain skills and gather ideas to develop as a songwriter but often one must break free on their own to truly achieve musical freedom.  That story rings true with our latest discovery Jonny Goode.

Jonny Goode

The singer/songwriter now based in Norwich, UK has been playing and learning for over 20 years now in a variety of bands around London.  The experiences and knowledge gained has turned him into the accomplished and original songwriter that he is today.  Now Jonny Goode focuses on his own music and has found enjoyment and freedom in doing it on his own.  He funds his self produced recordings through busking and gigging playing the music that makes him feel the best.

Later this year Jonny Goode will be releasing his third solo album Snakes And Ladders.  The 10 track record has the full sense of freedom that Jonny has been striving for.  Right from the opener “High Hopes” you know this is what he was meant to do.  The rhythm picks up quickly as sound seems to come at you from all angles.  The alt rock energy shows its head on “Crossfire” even with the mellowed out verses at times.  Jonny Goode’s slightly gravelly voice is somewhat intoxicating like he is singing just for you.  The more relaxed “Runaway Trains” pushes ahead to tell an interesting story of driving forward even when it seems that you may be going off the rails sometimes.  The talent and songwriting is definitely there to make Jonny Goode gain more and more fans with every spin.  Get sucked in for yourself at:


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